Why should ‘Mental Health’ matter to you?

Can I shout this from the rooftops please – we all have mental health, as we have physical health.

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Mental health shapes your perspective, your ability to cope, your confidence, your innovation, your resilience, your clarity of thought. Mental health is your mind, your brain – it’s you. We don’t only have mental health when there’s a ‘problem’ it’s how we tick all the time.

I’ve found that when people think about their health they often only focus on maintaining or improving their physical wellbeing – keeping physically free from disease, sickness or pain and having a strong, functional and energetic body.

Then the term ‘mental health’ mainly seems to be reserved for struggles with mental health – a reactive response to an issue such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief or addictions and sometimes still holding unhelpful connotations or stigma.

So let’s turn this on its head.

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Maybe you’re reading this but wouldn’t describe yourself as stressed or anxious, just a bit ‘meh’ or not firing on all cylinders and don’t think ‘mental health’ relates to you or your life.

I’m here to change your perspective. I’m here to say that that mental health is for everyone and it matters to you. It matters to you if you’re feeling happy, if you’re in a strong stable relationship, if you’ve got a great support network and can’t see any problems in your life because working on your mental health will give you that resilience to deal with everything life offers.

I want to tell you that mental health can mean feeling alright and then making your perspective better. It can mean being proactive and improving your self-understanding to find a new edge. It can mean prioritising the wellbeing of your mind and getting new levels of calmness, clarity and confidence. It can mean having the self-kindness and understanding to learn about how to get the best out of you.

So let’s celebrate World Mental Health Day today by each and every one of us consciously choosing to be mentally healthy in our own way, for our own needs – choosing to work on our mental health before there’s an ‘issue’.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just make it matter to you.

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