I highly recommend Lauren – she has a gift for increasing my positivity and clearing my mind. Her sessions have been so beneficial.

Sue O. || Dec 2020

The whole experience has been incredibly positive, supportive and it’s made a huge difference to my life in so many ways. I would highly recommend Lauren.

Sarah || Dec 2020

I was always very cautious and skeptical about Hypnotherapy, however working with Lauren has changed my life! For anyone who isn’t sure, just give it a go, I was amazed. Lauren is incredible, one in a million!

Ellen || Nov 2020

For years depression had kept me on a tight leash and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sounded like a “fad” and “not for me”… now after sessions with Lauren, life is inviting and full of colour.

Catherine || Sep 2020

Lauren has changed my life and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Before meeting Lauren anxiety was affecting me on a daily basis. Now I am able to do all the things I dreamt of doing. This woman is amazing!

Emma || Aug 2020

Thank you Lauren, you are a true professional and truly wonderful at what you do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this lady, she can and does work wonders.

Bex || Jul 2020

I can’t recommend Lauren enough for how professional she is, how much patience she has and her passion in helping me achieve my targets. She put me at ease and I had full trust in her.

Sam || Jun 2020

I cannot speak highly enough about Lauren. She got my sleep back into a normal pattern for the first time in decades. Thanks Lauren, you rock.

Sue H. || Jun 2020

Deciding to give Lauren a go was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After one session I felt the best I have in years. I highly recommend Lauren to everyone, whatever your issues.

Katie || Jun 2020

I’d highly recommend Lauren. She has helped me let go of the past and working together has completely transformed my thought process and daily life.

Jess || Jun 2020