I was skeptical to say the least whether Lauren would be able to help but thought it was worth a go… Lauren is not only very good at her job but she is very understanding and compassionate making you feel at ease through the sessions. Thank you Lauren I will not forget what I have learnt from you xxx

Amy || Apr 2021

This last few months with Lauren have enabled me to not only regain a control of my life but to give, and to receive, so much more from it. After years of enduring anxiety symptoms I decided to try hypnotherapy. Lauren is so welcoming providing a safe and trusted environment.  With her mix of professionalism,… continue reading

63 yr old female client || Jan 2021

What Lauren said [in sessions] really resonated with me and I quickly realised that her approach could help me with lots of different aspects of my life, including stress, sleep, anxiety and grief. Her sessions have helped me focus on the positives and cope with life’s curveballs. I always come away positive and calm, and ready to face the world again!

Mel || Dec 2020

Working with Lauren has been a real eye opener to Solution Hypnotherapy. She is clear to explain her techniques, making it a relaxed and calm approach to finding a solution to changing my mindset and helping to reduce negatively in my background thoughts.

Even in such a short space of time, I feel I can put what I have learnt into progress each day and as I am already seeing and feeling the results is hugely worthwhile and rewarding.

Zea || Dec 2020

I highly recommend Lauren – she has a gift for increasing my positivity and clearing my mind. Her sessions have been so beneficial.

Sue O. || Dec 2020

The whole experience has been incredibly positive, supportive and it’s made a huge difference to my life in so many ways. I would highly recommend Lauren.

Sarah || Dec 2020

I was always very cautious and skeptical about Hypnotherapy, however working with Lauren has changed my life! For anyone who isn’t sure, just give it a go, I was amazed. Lauren is incredible, one in a million!

Ellen || Nov 2020

For years depression had kept me on a tight leash and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sounded like a “fad” and “not for me”… now after sessions with Lauren, life is inviting and full of colour.

Catherine || Sep 2020

Lauren has changed my life and I couldn’t recommend her enough. Before meeting Lauren anxiety was affecting me on a daily basis. Now I am able to do all the things I dreamt of doing. This woman is amazing!

Emma || Aug 2020

Thank you Lauren, you are a true professional and truly wonderful at what you do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this lady, she can and does work wonders.

Bex || Jul 2020