Dear Fellow Wiltshire Residents…

Have you been in a bad car accident or know someone who has?

This is not the start of a dodgy commercial, I promise. I think this letter may just really strike a chord with you.
. . .
I’ve been driving since I was 17 years old – just short of nearly 20 years now – and can thankfully say that I’ve never been in a car accident. However, one of my best friends has been and I often see the yellow signs on the side of the road appealing for witnesses following a tragic crash. The reality of the possibility of being involved in a life-threatening crash is always with me. It could happen and be caused by something out of my control.

Now I’m not saying I’m constantly worried about this, and it is definitely not meant to scare or be a commentary on the safety of our roads.

I hope this letter gives you reassurance – thanks to the incredible people and resources in Wiltshire upon whom we can call upon should the worst happen and we find ourselves in that unexpected, life-threatening situation.

Waa airbase

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is one of these incredible resources upon which we may all need to call at some point in our lives. I want to focus on them for you, as they celebrate 30 years of saving lives this year.

History of waa

It still amazes me that Wiltshire Air Ambulance relies 100% on donations. They operate 19 hours a day and attend, on average, 3 potentially lifesaving missions in that time.

Of course, they assist with more than just road traffic collisions and their helicopter and rapid response vehicle are called out for all kinds of emergencies from horse riding and cycling injuries to cardiac arrests and child related emergencies. You can see a list of their recent missions here

None of us start the day thinking that today’s the day we’ll be airlifted to hospital by Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Nor do we expect to have to call upon them to save our life.

But doesn’t it give you massive peace of mind to know that they’re there? Well-resourced and impeccably trained as the most incredible of insurance policies, should the worst happen?
. . .
When I’m asked why I’ve made Wiltshire Air Ambulance Oak View Hypnotherapy’s chosen charity for 2020, my answer is simple.

I want to ensure that this incredible, lifesaving resource, will always be available for me, my family, my friends, my neighbours and you – all my fellow residents in Wiltshire (and even neighbouring counties too!) should the worst happen.

I know that every single penny they receive helps ensure availability of this emergency resource and is truly appreciated.

Last week I visited their new, purpose-built airbase near Melksham – to meet the charity team and duty crew, visit their training simulator and learn more about how they operate.

Waa simulator

It’s a cracking building and impressive set up plus I received such a warm welcome from everyone I met – including a good bit of banter with some fellow veterans.

Now, I hope never to meet the awe-inspiring critical care paramedics, Jo and Dan who I had the pleasure of meeting that day, ‘in the field’. However, if I do, I know I’ll be in the very best and capable of hands and I wish that for each and every one of you.
. . .
This is why, to celebrate being in 2020, I’ve set the goal of raising £2020 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

Maybe you would like to help me achieve this?

Amazing! Simply book onto one of my BetterMind Relaxation Classes held Tuesday evenings at the Riverside Community Centre in Malmesbury as 100% raised from these classes will be donated. With the added bonus that it’s great for your own wellbeing! Since launching this on 14th January you’ve already helped me raise over £300. Thank you!

Alternatively, maybe you want to support this fundraising goal, but can’t get to a class? Not a problem, simply make a direct donation here.

Than you so very much!

Chat again soon