No, you can book an in-person appointment knowing that a full risk assessment has been carried out and COVID-19 safety precautions are in place.  I am able to maintain the recommended 2m social distancing throughout your session and client safety is always a priority. You will be asked to complete a Declaration Form 24 hours prior to your appointment and adhere to the safety measures in place including wearing a mask on arrival to your appointment. A NHS Test and Trace QR code is also in place.

Please read this Client Information Sheet on COVID-19 Safety Precautions for further information.

No way! I am a hypnotherapist not a stage or entertainment hypnotist. At no point will I say 'look into my eyes' or swing a pocket watch in front of you.

I just use my expertise as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist to work with your subconscious to help you make a lasting change and achieve this through talking therapy and the power of putting you into a 'trance state'.  This is based on our understanding of how the brain works, underpinned by neuroscience, entirely natural and is one of the easiest things to contrive.

I wanted to develop Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and offer a professional, collaborative form of support where neuroscience, modern talking therapy and trance combine with a luxurious, self-care client experience.  So, I decided to create Executive Hypnotherapy™ which brings all of this together and focuses on optimising Sleep and combatting Anxiety and Stress (S.A.S) – all too prevalent in our modern professional lives.

It is this bespoke, attentive and polished approach, coupled with my own senior executive experience from the military, that makes Executive Hypnotherapy™ stand apart from other forms of hypnotherapy.

This will be discussed during the Discovery Consultation, as the number of sessions required varies widely, depending on the individual and challenges being addressed.  I often find that clients really start to experience lasting changes after 8-12 weekly sessions, which is why I specifically offer those as discounted block booking options.

I offer popular lunchtime and evening slots for flexibility around standard working day routines.  With the increase in flexible working and working from home, you can now make Executive Hypnotherapy™ scheduled self-care which increases your productivity, creativity and output. Or, if you work at Dyson Headquarters in Malmesbury, I’m only a 2 min walk away!

Alternatively, I contact me via Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address and we could discuss sessions via Zoom.

It is simply a natural, pleasant state of focused attention when your conscious and subconscious minds come together and concentrate on the same thing.  We go into these 'trance states' naturally throughout the day - when we're driving, cooking, exercising or watching tv.

This forms the second part of our Executive Hypnotherapy™ session and I will guide you into a similar state so that we have access to your subconscious mind, without your conscious mind interfering.  Whilst in this state the subconscious mind can be very receptive to beneficial suggestions and will accept directions which can promote positive change.

A hypnotherapist who follows a forward-thinking approach based on Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) which combines the best of hypnotherapy with the best of SFBT.  We use sessions to collaboratively explore your goals, best hopes, strengths, skills, resources and preferred future.  It is about creating lasting change by focusing on what we can do now.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, proven and effective tool for directly accessing the power of the subconscious mind.

Whilst a good friend can be useful to talk things through, they are not trained to deal impartially with your problems.  The stress or anxiety that you're going through may also affect your friends who, being close to you, would not have the detachment to deal with the emotional content of the problem professionally, with specific skills and techniques.

It is an integral part of your therapy and serves a number of purposes.  It provides the opportunity for me to take notes and for you to describe the challenges you're currently facing.  I also explain how the brain works; the relationship between our conscious and subconscious mind so that you have a clear understanding of our thoughts, habits and behaviours.  During your Discovery Consultation we will agree goals you would like to work towards.

No specific hypnotherapy treatment will take place during the Discovery Consultation.  However, a complimentary relaxation audio track will be provided for use at home between sessions and will form a valuable part of your therapy.

Yes - although some people find it easier to relax than others.  Only a light trance is required for hypnotherapy to be effective and beneficial and it’s absolutely fine if you feel your mind jumping from one thing to another.

No, hypnotherapy is completely different to stage hypnosis.  A hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything against your will or that you would not be happy to do or say.  During trance you will rarely need to say anything at all.

Yes, no one can go into trance against their will and even during trance you can reject any of the suggestions given if they are not appropriate.  You can end the hypnotic trance any time you want. It is totally natural and drug free.

You will feel deeply relaxed and calm, aware of everything happening around you.  It's a pleasant and enjoyable state, very similar to day dreaming or drifting off to sleep.

Yes, you will be totally in control of all your faculties and will be safe to drive home.

Yes, access to and within the consulting room is very accessible as it is ground floor with no steps.  There is also a ground floor WC available.

Payment is needed at least 48hrs before your session to secure my time. I can accept payment via credit/debit card in person or via BACS/Paypal.  Cash can be accommodated, if required.

Yes, appointments can be cancelled up to 48hrs before your scheduled session is due to take place.  All cancellations with less than 48hrs notice will be subject to the full session fee.

Yes, due to my military background, I offer a limited number of serving military personnel/veteran discounts per month.  Please contact me on 07480 045 290 or via Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address to find out more about the availability of this discount.