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Your Immune System & Trickle Down Stress

“There’s piling evidence that virtually every ill from the common cold to cancer and heart disease is influenced positively or negatively by a personal’s emotional and mental state. We can no longer ignore this connection.”
~ Dr. Jenna Macciochi

Your immune system plays a crucial role in your life.

Remember we navigate our daily lives alongside germs. We cohabit this planet together – us and the bugs!

This makes looking after your immune system integral and important every single day of your life.

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Do you have a ‘Fusion Pilates’ in your life?

We’re all good at making excuses and listening to that voice in your head – you know the one I mean, right?

The voice that stops you trying something new because you’re a little bit unsure, the voice that points out it’s raining so you don’t need to go for a run, the voice that says it’s ok to have takeaway for dinner… again…

I’m no exception. Yesterday evening, scrolling through Facebook I came across a Fusion Pilates class. Continue reading

“Meh, What’s all this Fuss about an Electric Recliner?”

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You may have noticed that one of the things I’m particularly delighted to share with my clients is a electric, leather recliner chair. This has been one of my most expensive purchases but I knew 100% that it was worth the money to provide ultimate client comfort.
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Why? Many other hypnotherapists ask their clients to ‘hop up on the couch’ which is often a massage table which can be used as somewhere to lie down and relax for the second part of a hypnotherapy session – the trance element. This works fine, and can be helpful if you practise out of a number of rooms, but I wanted to offer something special and premium to my clients as I only practise from my permanent, exclusive-use treatment room.
. . .
By providing an electric, recliner chair you can lift your feet and lower your head and torso to find the exact spot that feels most comfortable to YOU so that you really can relax and let go. It can be completely flat if you so wish! I’m proud to offer something special which makes it is easier for those who have health or mobility issues or to anyone who would not appreciate ‘hoiking’ themselves on and off a treatment table.
. . .
Plus it is supremely comfortable, you get a Tempur pillow to add to the luxury and it becomes a special spot for you to unwind and escape the whirlwind of life.
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Come check it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.