What’s to come for Oak View Hypnotherapy in 2020?

BetterMindâ„¢ Relaxation Classes are new and improved, starting again from 14th January! They’ve been extended to 45 mins and include not only the beautiful guided relaxation but also time to discuss specific relaxation tips and techniques – including book recommendations and aromatherapy guidance. Plus check out this New Year Offer and take advantage of online booking.Continue reading “What’s to come for Oak View Hypnotherapy in 2020?”

Do you have a ‘Fusion Pilates’ in your life?

We’re all good at making excuses and listening to that voice in your head – you know the one I mean, right?

The voice that stops you trying something new because you’re a little bit unsure, the voice that points out it’s raining so you don’t need to go for a run, the voice that says it’s ok to have takeaway for dinner… again…

I’m no exception. Yesterday evening, scrolling through Facebook I came across a Fusion Pilates class.Continue reading “Do you have a ‘Fusion Pilates’ in your life?”