Case Study: Tracey

Have you ever wondered what it is that I actually do? Whether it really makes any sort of a difference?


Well, I would like to share Tracey’s story with you – she’s a manager in a FTSE 250 company who struggled with sleep and following our sessions now regularly sleeps 6hrs a night and feels like herself again! It was such a pleasure working with her.
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Check out the results she experienced and her key takeaways in this little case study:

Case Study: Tracey (FTSE 250 Manager)

Why should ‘Mental Health’ matter to you?

Can I shout this from the rooftops please – we all have mental health, as we have physical health.

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Mental health shapes your perspective, your ability to cope, your confidence, your innovation, your resilience, your clarity of thought. Mental health is your mind, your brain – it’s you. We don’t only have mental health when there’s a ‘problem’ it’s how we tick all the time.

I’ve found that when people think about their health they often only focus on maintaining or improving their physical wellbeing – keeping physically free from disease, sickness or pain and having a strong, functional and energetic body.

Then the term ‘mental health’ mainly seems to be reserved for struggles with mental health – a reactive response to an issue such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief or addictions and sometimes still holding unhelpful connotations or stigma.

So let’s turn this on its head.

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Maybe you’re reading this but wouldn’t describe yourself as stressed or anxious, just a bit ‘meh’ or not firing on all cylinders and don’t think ‘mental health’ relates to you or your life.

I’m here to change your perspective. I’m here to say that that mental health is for everyone and it matters to you. It matters to you if you’re feeling happy, if you’re in a strong stable relationship, if you’ve got a great support network and can’t see any problems in your life because working on your mental health will give you that resilience to deal with everything life offers.

I want to tell you that mental health can mean feeling alright and then making your perspective better. It can mean being proactive and improving your self-understanding to find a new edge. It can mean prioritising the wellbeing of your mind and getting new levels of calmness, clarity and confidence. It can mean having the self-kindness and understanding to learn about how to get the best out of you.

So let’s celebrate World Mental Health Day today by each and every one of us consciously choosing to be mentally healthy in our own way, for our own needs – choosing to work on our mental health before there’s an ‘issue’.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just make it matter to you.

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Do you have a ‘Fusion Pilates’ in your life?

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We’re all good at making excuses and listening to that voice in your head – you know the one I mean, right?

The voice that stops you trying something new because you’re a little bit unsure, the voice that points out it’s raining so you don’t need to go for a run, the voice that says it’s ok to have takeaway for dinner… again…

I’m no exception. Yesterday evening, scrolling through Facebook I came across a Fusion Pilates class.

Now I’ve been thinking for a while (yes, much longer than a month…) that I want to bring more fitness into my life again. I can’t hide behind the excuse that “I’ve just had a baby” forever, especially now I’m 18 months down the line from that, and I think my body is craving some sort of exercise that isn’t lifting children or plonking them on my hip.

Now the thing is, I’ve thought about it – in fact my mind has kept reminding be about it. And then I’ve thought about it again. I’ve done diddly squat about it…

Until today.

Today I took one small step which led me to achieve something for me – that thing I’ve been putting off and making excuses about for AGES.

Want to know what that small step was? Changing into my fitness gear. Sounds super easy right? Wrong, I still left it totally to the last minute and almost wimped out.

But once I had the clothes on it was like a row of dominoes toppling over – an inevitable chain of events that meant from getting the clothes on, I would then get my bag together, leave the house, walk to the class and DO THE CLASS.

It happened. I did it. It felt amazing – I achieved.

But it was that first, small step that made the difference.

I’m here to remind you that you can, most definitely, 100% take your own small step today.

What do you want to achieve?

What have you been putting off?

Go on, think about it and decide right now.

Then, quite simply, choose one single thing that you can do which will set you on the path to achieving that. Maybe it’s throwing the takeaway menus away? Or making one single phone call? It doesn’t have to be perfect, it simply needs to be action.

It won’t take a moment and doing that one thing really could change the whole direction of your today. . . your week. . . your 2019.

Give it a go and feel amazing.

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“Meh, What’s all this Fuss about an Electric Recliner?”

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You may have noticed that one of the things I’m particularly delighted to share with my clients is a electric, leather recliner chair. This has been one of my most expensive purchases but I knew 100% that it was worth the money to provide ultimate client comfort.
. . .
Why? Many other hypnotherapists ask their clients to ‘hop up on the couch’ which is often a massage table which can be used as somewhere to lie down and relax for the second part of a hypnotherapy session – the trance element. This works fine, and can be helpful if you practise out of a number of rooms, but I wanted to offer something special and premium to my clients as I only practise from my permanent, exclusive-use treatment room.
. . .
By providing an electric, recliner chair you can lift your feet and lower your head and torso to find the exact spot that feels most comfortable to YOU so that you really can relax and let go. It can be completely flat if you so wish! I’m proud to offer something special which makes it is easier for those who have health or mobility issues or to anyone who would not appreciate ‘hoiking’ themselves on and off a treatment table.
. . .
Plus it is supremely comfortable, you get a Tempur pillow to add to the luxury and it becomes a special spot for you to unwind and escape the whirlwind of life.
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Come check it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.