About Me

I get it. I do. I’ve had that feeling of overwhelm… you know, when things just take over and you have no idea how to improve your day to day or get that competitive edge back? It happened to me in 2014 when I was on the cusp of a promotion. I wish I had known about hypnotherapy then, I can tell you.

Sitting with books

Now I know just how much hypnotherapy can improve you health and overall wellbeing – you just have to give it a go.

I stumbled upon the opportunity to learn at the highly regarded Clifton Practice of Hypnotherapy Training in Bristol whilst still in the Royal Navy. I never expected it to be my next career but it was as a bit like fate. As the months of training passed I learnt more and more about how hypnotherapy activates best parts of the brain and then really got onboard with it when I saw the results with my early corporate clients. At that point I knew this was the thing for me!

Since then I’ve not looked back. You could say it’s a bit of a mission of mine to blast away hypnotherapy stigmas and misunderstandings (I definitely do not own a pocket watch) and laugh about the fact I’m anything but ‘hippy dippy’.

I want to give others, particularly professionals, the knowledge and skills to rewire their brain so that they can get their zing back with new better quality levels of calm, confidence and clarity – often by improving sleep and achieving solutions personalised to the individual. To give them that light bulb moment!

No more running on empty or too much stress, it’s all about being energised to reach your goals; you deserve to enjoy the rewards of Leading a Better Life.

I am a self confessed perfectionist and will do all that I can to offer a truly client focused approach to help you enjoy all those rewards of A Better Life.

So let’s work together to get that zing back!

Just take a look at My Quality Guarantee or have a glance at my LinkedIn Profile for inside information.

Lauren qualifications

Let’s talk qualifications

  • Completed Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy at renowned The Clifton Practice
  • Awarded the externally accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, widely regarded Gold Standard hypnotherapy qualification
  • Hold advanced skills through Diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy and further supported by a Diploma in Aromatherapy and pastoral training
  • Have a law degree and professional awards in Strategic Management and Leadership which provide an executive grounding

Let’s talk experience

  • Practising hypnotherapy since April 2017
  • Provided 121 hypnotherapy support in a corporate setting
  • Worked as a senior executive in a high pressure, high risk, high standards organisation
  • Lived abroad and have successfully managed drum beats of change in life, family and work

Let’s talk professionalism

  • Member of professional organisations including UK voluntary regulator Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and National Council of Hypnotherapy
  • Exceed Continuous Professional Development and value advanced learning
  • Uphold military standards such as commitment, discipline, respect, integrity and loyalty
  • Committed to My Quality Guarantee