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The Better Life Plan

Three Easy Steps to get your sleep back on track and put anxiety and stress in its place

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Executive Hypnotherapy™ is my signature approach and I’m thrilled to share these practical, modern and well researched strategies with you.

What is Executive Hypnotherapy™?

  1. A premium, self care focused experience with added attention to detail

    Add a bit of luxury to your life

  2. Professional, collaborative support to optimise your sleep and combat anxiety and stress

    Let’s work together for lasting change

  3. Hypnotherapy supported by my knowledge and experience as a Senior Executive in the military

    Understanding professional pressure

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My Quality Guarantee

I am a professional committed to practising hypnotherapy to the highest standards. I pride myself in making your Executive Hypnotherapy™ sessions a premium, enjoyable and collaborative experience.

Why choose Oak View Hypnotherapy?

  • Savour 'you-time' in a luxurious, exclusive and private therapy room
  • Relax in a leather, electric reclining chair for increased client comfort
  • Enjoy a bespoke aromatherapy prescription during your session for enhanced well-being
  • Receive your own personalised ‘How the Brain Works’ diagram via email
  • Get a FREE client recording tailored to support your sessions
  • Use easy and modern online booking and payment systems
  • Choose convenient lunchtime and evening appointments (subject to availability)


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You're likely to benefit from the following as well:

  • No longer feeling overwhelmed
  • Fewer angry outbursts
  • Greater confidence
  • More motivation
  • An interest in making goals

Think of these as an added bonus!

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You made my mind clear and focused, rather than full of distractions. After sessions I could push myself more and saw a huge improvement in my abilities.


Lauren has the most relaxing voice in the world and has helped me change my mindset from busy anxious thoughts to handling whatever is thrown my way.


Lauren really gets results. Last week I managed 8 hours’ sleep without waking – I couldn’t believe the energy I had the next day as I hadn’t felt that invigorated for years. I am so glad I embarked on this course of treatment.


Thank you for reminding me that perspective can be re-gained when lost, no matter how deep the hole may be


I had an extreme fear of spiders since childhood and had given up on the idea I would ever overcome my fear. After hypnotherapy sessions with Lauren I calmly removed a spider from a room – my family couldn’t believe it!


I always slept amazingly well after a session and the effect was more prolonged the more sessions I had. My husband had sessions too – he was a sceptic but is now a complete convert!


This woman is amazing! Before meeting with Lauren anxiety was affecting me on a daily basis, living in an anxious state and missing out on valuable memory making with my family. Lauren has changed my life – after only 3 sessions I was able to take my children to the cinema by myself! I couldn’t recommend her enough.


I had a crippling fear of spiders but can now get a cup and piece of paper to catch and put them outside – a massive life changer! I would definitely recommend getting hypnotherapy from Lauren.


I was at my wit’s end, struggling with anxiety. I was sceptical about hypnotherapy but shouldn’t have worried – Lauren is the ultimate professional and gave me the techniques to deal with situations in a calm, controlled and relaxed manner. I now feel like me again.


My sleep has improved dramatically and I now know how to make my mind work for me. I was a complete sceptic but now rave about hypnotherapy to everyone and highly recommend Lauren (and often do!)


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